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Youth gambling and addictions

Gambling addictions are often misjudged and people don’t take them seriously. Nowadays professionals treat it like a very serious problem. Because of all the harm, it can cause to a person, it’s next to drugs and alcohol problems. Kids can develop this addiction as young as ten years old.

Introduction to gambling can be as easy as every other bad habit. A lot of adults play different gambling games with their kids around them. It’s a very serious problem because the kid can see the joy of winning in their parent. Also, losing some money can bring great frustration, which a kid sees as something extremely cool.

Even a single kid can be a very serious problem when it comes to gambling addiction. Kids show other kids cool games their parents play and often get in groups to gamble in school. If we are talking about a single kid, the problem can be treated very easily. However, it spreads like a disease and a lot of kids hide their secret passion and gamble the money their parents give them for food.

College is a great place to start a gambling addiction. A lot of teenagers try to show independence when they go to college. Living without their parents and having a bigger amount of cash in them can bring a lot of problems. They can’t be responsible for their money and a lot of times they gamble to make them more. However, most of the times it’s not the way it all ends.

To prevent underage gambling we should work together as a society. Having commercials about lottery tickets over the TV is extremely dangerous for the growing generation. A lot of them think that maybe one day they will be the next lucky man on the TV who got a lot of money for doing nothing. Learning them that it’s not the way the world works is very important. A lot of parents buy lottery tickets not only for them but for their kids too and show them the joy from winning a small amount of money.

There are a lot of laws about underage gambling but they are not that effective. No matter what happens with the laws, if we don’t work together, nothing good will come out of that gambling temptations. Kid’s should be learning about all the dangerous thing that can happen to them in those communities. They should know that it can destroy their lives at a given moment and nothing good can come out of gambling for the profit.

They gamble with other kids or a bit bigger kids, who don’t have enough money to play at a casino or are simply underage. A lot of times in those spheres, kids tend to bring alcohol and drugs to those meet-ups. Introducing underage kids to alcohol and drugs can be a serious problem too. They don’t know exactly how dangerous they are and start using them just to become a part of the group.

Kids need to understand that every activity can be enjoyed, without placing bets on it. Also, they should learn about the chances they get when they gamble. Most of the times, they are close to zero to make a good amount of money on gambling.